Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is semi-private training? 


Do I need to bring my own "small group"?

A: Semi-private training sessions means that your trainer will work with you and up to 3 other individuals during your session. Each workout is individualized - others in your group may or may not be doing the same exercises as you depending on each person’s goals. 

Absolutely not! You can always come work out by yourself, but we encourage bringing a workout buddy/buddies 'cause makes it more fun!

Q: How do I schedule with you guys? What are the available times/sessions?

A: Call us at (626) 395-0884 to schedule your first appointment! We are available to train you anytime during:

Mon – Thurs: 5:30am – 8pm

Fri – Sat: 5:30am – 12pm

Can't make these times? We can be flexible for special circumstances, just contact us and ask!

Q: Does your gym offer a general gym membership?


A: Unfortunately, we do not. Our gym provides semi-private training sessions in small groups so that the focus is on each individual. Small group personal training means that we can put our attention and emphasis on proper form and injury prevention while training to meet specific goals.